About the project

Сrypto Horoscope– is a global project that for the first time has combined the world of cryptocurrency and astrology!

Сrypto Horoscope is an independent Internet-resource that joined under its roof the analytics and astrologists of the highest competence who based a new field – Crypto-astrology.

The crypto-astrologists team has created and continues to develop the first in the world system of forecasts based on in-depth analysis of the crypto-world and astrological data.

To take a look into the future, at least for a moment, a crypto-astrologist must have universal knowledge, experience, specific mental structure, strong intuition and courage.

It is not a secret that definite points of Zodiac plane that contains the Earth system planets and the Moon (in astrology the Moon is considered as a planet) correspond to specific period of time. Each planet is featured by its rotation period of the Crypto-Zodiac regarding the Earth, and this stipulates its position at the moment of appearance of this or that cryptocurrency tha, for sure, influences on its fate, character and further development.

We are the first who introduced such new definitions as Crypto-horoscope, Crypto-zodiacs that includes twelve signs – Crypto-Aries, Crypto-Taurus, Crypto-Gemini, Crypto-Cancer, Crypto-Leo, Crypto-Virgin, Crypto-Libra, Crypto-Scorpio, Crypto-Sagittarius, Crypto-Capricorn, Crypto-Aquarius, and Crypto-Pisces.

Hope that our innovations will make history and enter the life of each of us as a complex of correct combination of analytical knowledge and that of astrology!

Welcome to the world of Crypto-astrology!

Our motto is: Help everyone to open his way of success!